Lend Lease’s expensive Barangaroo’s advertisements make some laugh and others angry

Opinion piece by Councillor Marcelle Hoff, Deputy Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney.

“Many of the members of the Friends of Barangaroo are highly amused by today’s eye-catching wrap-around advertisements that depict the Lend Lease version of ‘The beauty of Barangaroo’ on the covers of the Sydney Morning Herald and The Telegraph. Those who aren’t amused are angry! Lend Lease are continuing to deceive the public with these advertisements. They make misleading claims of ‘The beauty of being carbon neutral with zero waste, the beauty of sustainable living’ The truth is that only 3% of the energy used on site will be generated on site, all potable water on the site will come from Warragamba Dam and waste will still go to landfill. Other claims….‘The beauty of being connected’ and ‘The beauty of getting there’ are also untrue. There is absolutely no guarantee that Light Rail will service Barangaroo or that there will be seamless bus routes. What do these advertisements really indicate? Is Lend Lease becoming desperate in the face of an increasingly sceptical public? Are they trying to persuade everyone that this is more about parks and playgrounds than about property? Or is Lend Lease testing the major newspapers? Can the almighty dollar override the editorial integrity of these newspapers? Lend Lease’s Annual General Meeting is scheduled for 10am, 11th November, Four Seasons Hotel, 199 George Street Sydney. Shareholders may be interested to hear of the significant public discontent at the way Lend Lease is operating. “

What did you think of Lend Lease’s “The beauty of Barangaroo” advertisements in the Sydney Morning Herald?