Australian Internet Service Provider (ISP) Exetel has released a new set of NBN plans that could be considered as setting the price for other Australian ISPs to aim for.

The new plans offered by Exetel on the NBN network start at $39.99 on a 12 month contract and features any time downloading and free uploads. Unlimited plans are also available with a 100Mbps speed for $89.99 per month, the highest speed tier offered on the NBN.

Exetel CEO Mr Richard Purdy said Australian’s pay too much for their broadband services which is why Exetel focuses on discount telecommunication services.

“Exetel has always been committed to keeping prices as low as possible. Our new NBN plans are priced the same way with generous data allowances and inclusions such as anytime downloads and free uploads,” said Mr Purdy.

“We’ve built a loyal base of over 120,000 services in operation by delivering great value for money and we are delighted with the response we are achieving with these new products.”

Exetel is among some of the top ISPs like iiNet, Bigpond, Internode, IPrimus and OptusNet. However, all these providers are no match for the new plans offered by Exetel.

iiNet claims to be the second largest ISP in Australia however their plans are no match for Exetel’s discounted NBN plans. NBN plans with iiNet cost upwards of $104.90 per month, for just 1TB of data at 25Mbps. While iPrimus would cost $119. 95 per month.

All things considered, Exetel’s plans reflect what Australian’s should really be expecting to pay for when switching to an NBN service.

The price for unlimited is similar to the prices offered by providers on the inferior ADSL copper network, that’s the second dominant internet connection type in Austraila.

While there is a $59.95 activation charge, the prices are sure to win new customers.