Christopher Lawrance, a Drummoyne resident and professional chauffeur, has written and published a widely-acclaimed booklet on road safety called “Surviving The Road Toll”.

According to Christopher, “the biggest problem we face is that everybody who uses the road thinks that fatal road crashes always happen to someone else. With the exception of when horror road crash or road carnage headlines appear in our newspapers or on TV, when we jump in the car we don’t even think about the possibility of dying or being seriously injured in a road crash at all! This attitude to road safety we all adopt has to change and driver education such as this booklet provides is a must if we are ever to stop these road crashes and get the road toll down”.

“When my wife Jackie died unexpectedly after a fall in a hospital environment in 2008, it brought home to me just how fleeting life can be and what the impact is on a family when a loved one is lost. If reading my booklet can spare just one other family the heartache of an unexpected loss resulting from a motor-vehicle crash, then my writing it has been worthwhile”.

Ron Delezio, CEO and Founder of the Day of Difference Foundation, writes in the booklet “Chris’s handbook gives practical advice to all road users at all ages… I understand the feeling of having my child involved in a traumatic motor injury. It was not only my daughter Sophie and her family that suffered, it was also the driver who in the end must come to terms with what happened. Don’t let this be you”.