You’ve heard of the Burning Man festival right?  Well forget it.  You don’t need it anymore.  Because a brand new festival is about to hit the international calendar and it’s definitely one to put on your bucket list.

The Bunnings Man Festival, scheduled for early 2017 will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Set on a sprawling rural property in the middle of nowhere, a full-scale replica Bunnings Warehouse will be specially constructed for the 7 day festival.  Forget wearing flowers in your hair – this is no Coachella.  Lose the booty shorts – this is no Stereosonic.  The uniform for Bunnings Man 2017 is a no-nonsense red polo shirt and green apron.

This is one festival that will turn you from a Bunnings Boy into a Bunnings Man.  What’s the entertainment you ask?  Well there will be four stages of NON STOP HARDWARE DEMOS.

Want to know how to build a patio?  Barry will sort you out.  Need to know how to knock out a kitchen?  Richard will show you how to do it.  Keen to build an outdoor pizza kitchen?  Harold has the skillz.  These guys are pumped up and ready for you to bring your crazy.

What about catering?  Don’t worry – the barbecues at this festival will be lit AF!  The local Lions club will be cranking up the gas and for two bucks you can get a sausage sizzle with your choice of barbecue or tomato sauce.  Plus they’ll jam some onions onto it.  GET THAT INTO YA.

That’s all the details we’ve got for now but we’ll have more on Bunnings Man 2017 soon.