Why pay for an international flight if you don’t have to?  So many people are jetting around the world using frequent flyer points alone, and if you’re not one of them, you only have yourself to blame!  Use these amazing Street Corner points hacks to get you on that international flight…pronto!

1. Fly backwards and forwards between Melbourne and Adelaide ten times (160,000 points)

Sure, this may be an expensive and time consuming way to accrue points, but at eight thousand points per trip, they certainly start to add up!  One bonus of using this method is the sheer joy and endorphin rush of leaving Adelaide….not just once…but ten times in a row!  You can’t put a price on that kind of euphoria.

2. Sign up to thirteen different credit cards (1-1,000,000 points)

One of the easiest and quickest way to score frequent flyer points in a flash is to sign up for an affiliate credit card program.  Some of these programs will give you up to 100,000 points just for signing up, and then more points each time you use the card.  Just get yourself a million or so dollars into debt and that New York flight could be yours!

3. Learn how to become a pilot and fly the plane yourself (Unlimited Points)

While this isn’t a “points hack” per se, it is a handy way to get a flight to New York without paying for it.  In fact…the airline will be paying you!  All you need to do is get your pilot’s licence, many thousands of hours of flying experience, and a job flying A380’s for a major international airline.  You’ll be in New York in no time!

4. Hack into someone else’s accounts and steal their points (1 – 1,000,000 points)

This is really putting the hack in hacking points!  If you know a skilled computer hacker (who knows, maybe you’re one yourself!) you can simply use brute-force, phishing or other simple hack techniques to bypass security and steal someone else’s points!  It can be tricky, but so can finding the money to buy your own plane ticket!

5. Become the CEO of a major airline (Unlimited Points) 

An often overlooked method of accruing additional frequent flyer points is rising to the rank of Chief Executive Officer of a major airline which flies international transatlantic and transpacific routes.  As CEO, you will have overall control of the airline’s frequent flyer program.  If your name is John for example, you could start a new program where everyone called John gets a million frequent flyer points every year.  You’re the boss!  It’s your call!

6. Sell one of your kidneys on the black market (20,000 – 25,0000 points)

Selling a kidney can net a handy 20,000-25,000 frequent flyer points, if the backyard surgeon that you choose to use agrees to pay you in points rather than cash.  Frequent flyer points are becoming more and more common in underworld circles, so there’s no harm in asking!

7. Get involved in a scandal with an NRL footballer (150,000+ points)

Being involved in a scandal with an NRL (or indeed AFL footballer) can be a handy way to top up your points balance.  Depending on the seriousness of the incident, a bidding war is likely to break out between tabloid TV programs desperate for your story and an NRL club keen to buy your silence.  If you ask to be paid in frequent flyer points rather than cash, you could be jetting away from the scandal in no time!

8. Actually pay for the flight ($1800 – $2200)

Did you know that if you really want to go somewhere, you can actually just buy a ticket to go there?  It’s one of the simplest hacks available, and means you can fly anywhere at any time, in any class you want.  All you have to pay is the cost of the airfare.  So simple, but so easily overlooked.

Have you got any other points hacks?