Australian tennis dad Damir Dokic could be brought in to negotiate an 11th hour peace deal between Nick Kyrgios, Tennis Australia and the Australian Olympic Committee, Street Corner has learned.

The deal could see Kyrgios compete at the Rio Games, after earlier today explosively pulling out, citing “unfair and unjust treatment by the AOC”.  He made the announcement via Twittter:

Please check out this link for an important announcement.

— Nicholas Kyrgios (@NickKyrgios) June 2, 2016

Street Corner understands that Damir Dokic, father of former star Jelena, is being considered as a peacemaker in the public spat.  The affable and level headed Dokic is thought to be just the calming influence that the situation needs and could bring the parties together in unison.

“When you think of Damir, the first thing you think of is how calm he is,” a Tennis source told Street Corner.  “He never flies off the handle or loses his cool, and this is exactly what we need at this time.”

LOVE THIRTY -Dokic to bring the calming influence that the situation needs.

Dokic’s discipline and experience in dealing with authorities, tennis officials and the media in a low key and composed manner is considered one of his greatest strengths in bringing the warring parties to the negotiating table.

“He is such a knockabout bloke, he’s always up for a laugh,” a source close to the controversy revealed.  “I reckon his sense of humour would really help the guys resolve this situation.”

#TopWimbledonControversies #4: Damir Dokic menginjak-injak handphone wartawan.

— Tennis Update INA (@TennisUpdateINA) June 29, 2014

(Dokic having a friendly chat with authorities at a tennis tournament)

It’s thought that as part of the deal, Dokic could coach Kyrgios in a range of his trademark meditation techniques that could bring the young star the zen he is sometimes accused of lacking in stressful situations.  One source told Street Corner that Dokic may even lend Kyrgios his walkman and a set of meditation cassettes to help soothe and relax the young pro.

Street Corner will have more on this story as it continues to develop.