Ultimate Frisbee, also referred to as Ultimate in Australia is a team sport that includes elements of basketball, football, and rugby in the game of frisbee. The ball is substituted with a frisbee. The game happens to be one of the most popular involving a flying disc.

Ultimate is played using a disc on the beach or grass field. The field is very similar to that of an American football field or a rugby field, with the objective of scoring points by being able to receive the disc in the end zones by passing it through players on the team. The team player that has the disc can’t run but instead has to be stationary.

If the disc hits the ground is intercepted by the other team, then the possession is switched over to the other team, who now has an opportunity to score by passing the disc to their end zone. The field’s size mainly depends on the playing surface. So, a beach field will be slightly smaller as compared to a grass one. The size is meant to accommodate the 7 vs. 7 playing style on the grass, whereas it is 5 vs. 5 on the beach.

Ultimate Frisbee was invented and continues to be played extensively in many high schools across the US. The game was very popular through the 60s and 70s in the US, and from there it made its way over to Europe in the 80s. Later the sport came to Spain, with the first team playing in the mid-90s. Today there are more than two dozen teams and over 500 players across the world, including Australia.

Ultimate Frisbee is extremely popular in Australia, and there are two reasons which make the sport truly unique:

  • The Game’s Spirit: Each player who is part of the team is expected to compete at the highest level without compromising on playing fair. While there is no referee, the fact that there isn’t one reinforces the need to be upfront and honest, i.e., the spirit of the game.
  • Coed Teams: Unlike other sports like football and cricket etc. played in Australia, there are coed Ultimate Frisbee teams. The mixed division is one of the most popular because it has male and female players on a single team.

How popular is the ultimate frisbee in Australia?

Well, it is a comparatively popular sport in Australia. It may not be right up there yet with Cricket and soccer, perhaps, but its popularity is certainly on the rise. Almost every major city has their own social leagues, universities have their own leagues, and you see family members playing it on the beach and in parks. Furthermore, playing ultimate frisbee in Australia does not require that you have special equipment or safety gear. All you need is a frisbee and a few friends to start playing.

Why is Ultimate Frisbee so popular? 

Well, there are a few reasons why Ultimate Frisbee happens to be immensely popular on college campuses. One of the reasons for its popularity and something we mentioned earlier, is that you don’t need special accessories or equipment to start playing Ultimate Frisbee, making it perfect for some fun on college campuses.

The other perhaps more compelling reason being that unlike other games, Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact sport, which can be played by people of all genders. Now because there is no gender gap or bias, you have coed teams playing against each other. However, it requires razor-sharp reflexes regardless of your gender, and since most people in college are young, those reflexes are something they already have.

The other reason for its popularity is that playing Ultimate Frisbee is fun. Sure, you need to be agile, and that can easily be developed by playing the game. So, in a way, it helps to raise the fitness level of college students. Plus, as a team game, it helps members of the team build a better relationship with each other.

Youngsters in college are always experimenting with something new. Since Ultimate is a new game and very few people know about it, that is one reason why youngsters feel compelled to play it. Many learn the game by simply watching others play on campus, and it looks fun.

It is important for players to learn the various techniques involved with playing Ultimate Frisbee, which in turn makes the game fun and challenging. If anything, players are urged to learn more techniques and improve their skills in the field.

What are Ultimate Frisbees Rules? 

Ultimate is usually played on a 64 x 36-meter field. Each end has an end zone, and they are 18 meters each. So, there is a total of 18 meters.

The game starts with 7 players on the field along with subs. Each point requires the team to be on the line in the direction of their end zone. One team member throws the disc, aka a pull, over to the attacking team.

Now every time the attacking team receives the disc on the end zone of the defending team, they will get the point. After a point is scored, the next point-scoring starts with the attacking team turning into defenders.

Disc Throwing Direction

The disc can be thrown in any direction. Though the team that has the disc can’t move, i.e., they can’t run with it. The player who has the disc has just 10 seconds to throw it to another teammate. The player will defend the thrower, aka the marker who counts the seconds aloud.

An incomplete pass is generally one that goes out of bounds, the defense blocks it, or the player drops it. The defending team will then get the disc and turn it into attackers.


Substitutions are only allowed after a point is scored or if a player was injured. However, it is a non-contact sport. If the two players make contact, it is a foul.

Ultimate Frisbee is one of the most interesting up and coming sports in Australia. So, if you’re not playing it now, its time to give it a shot!