Now whether you are planning your first date, an anniversary with your significant other or perhaps a surprise valentine’s date, there are a couple of excellent places worth considering across Sydney. Most of all these places aren’t expensive, and so you don’t need to break the bank to make an impression and have fun.

The rule of thumb when choosing a place to go out with your significant other is to find something that matches both your personalities. For instance, you don’t want to go for a date to the zoo, if she does not like seeing animals in cages. Plus, you certainly don’t want to spend a day at the racetrack if your significant other does not like horse racing, you get the idea!

Fortunately, there are more than enough places for couples in Sydney so take your pick!

Most Popular Date Idea: Breakfast with Koalas

Let’s face it we all love Koalas. Koalas are warm, fuzzy and cuddly little creatures which you certainly wouldn’t want to cuddle with, but they make great breakfast partners. Having Breakfast with koalas is a rare and private experience. You will be seated inside the Koala Encounters rooftop enclosure for the buffet breakfast! The package also includes a tour of the Wild Life Sydney Zoo, before it opens its gates to the general public.

During your date you can roam through all the exhibits before anyone else enters the park. If anything you get to enjoy the intimate encounters with all the animals.

Captain Cook Cruises

How about having an intimate dinner with your significant other onboard a cruise ship, as you sail past the lit-up Opera House, as you sip Champaign while holding hands? Now if that sounds tantalizing, then you should check out Captain Cook Cruises.

Not only is the cruise itself romantic, but you get to spend some alone time in front of the Opera House, as you feel the ship cruise through the waves. In addition to that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when on board a cruise ship with your date, you are also treated to a 3-course contemporary Australian feast, complete with gorgeous views across the waterways. The mood is set with some live music that is bound to make your night unforgettable.

The cruise lasts for slightly under 4 hours and starts from Circular Quay, which then goes through Sydney’s Darling Harbor, Tarogana Zoo, Luna Park, Shark Island before it circles back. If you happen to hop on board the cruise in summer, you will watch as the sun sets behind the Harbor Bridge, which is a very romantic, breathtaking sight.

Speaking of food, the menu contains seafood, grilled meat and various vegetarian options. Though we strongly advise leaving some room for dessert.

An Evening at Luna Park

Now if you want to go all romantic on your significant other then an evening in Luna Park, Sydney is going to turn up all types of vibes. Sure, dating in a park is sort of old fashioned, and to some people, it may come across as corny, but sometimes going old school isn’t such a bad idea. Not only will it turn into a memorable date, but if it is the first date, it can become a pretty strong nostalgic feeling too.

Luna Park is also home to a beautiful carousel, a large Ferris wheel, and The Wild Mouser, which isn’t romantic but scary. However, you can choose to dodge all of this and soak in the view of Sydney Harbor Bridge and watch as the sun sets behind it in summer.

Bodhi Restaurant’s Vegan Yum Cha

So, most of you reading this have probably had Yum Cha, but this is the dish with a twist. The Vegan Yum Cha can be had as you take a relaxing and romantic stroll through Sydney’s Hyde Park. The stroll can end with a surprisingly romantic lunch at the famous Bodhi Restaurant.

Bodhi Restaurant is nestled beneath a large and very old row of Moreton Bay fig trees. You’ll find them inside of Phillip and Cook park, right next to St. Mary’s Cathedral located in the center of the city’s CBD.

The restaurant has a mainly plant-based menu that includes all the classics like yum cha, chicken dumplings without the chicken, char siew steamed buns along with vegetarian siew mai amongst many others which we’ve personally not tried.

Hunter Valley Hot Air Balloon Escape

A romantic hot air balloon ride may just be the thing that your relationship needs. Take flight in a hot air balloon to escape the hustle and bustle of Sydney, as you rise above the Hunter Region. The view from above is of some of the most famous vineyards known for producing world-class wines.

You and your significant other also have a 360-degree view of rolling hills, as you watch the sunrise. The experience can be further topped off with some champagne and breakfast that can be added to the bundle.

Taronga Zoo

Now if you and your partner is an animal lover, then this is perhaps the most romantic thing to do in Sydney. You have the opportunity to camp underneath a blanket of stars, and wake up to what is often the roar of lions a few metres away.

You can book a night at Tarogana Zoo to experience what many believe is the next best thing to being on an African safari. Not only is this a great glamping experience, but they also serve delicious buffet dinner and breakfast. Beverages are served at the campsite, and there is even Wifi! Most of all you get to experience the zoo when there are no crowds around.

While above are some of the best, most fun dating ideas for couples in Sydney, we’d not stop at these. Sydney is a large city, and there are many more opportunities for romance and fun that should be explored. Feel free to think out of the box and find something that you and your partner will find romantic. If anything, the experience will and should be memorable.