SBS newsreader Lee Lin Chin has promised to take revenge on anyone responsible for her failure to win the Gold Logie at last night’s prestigious television awards ceremony.  Speaking on her departure from the Crown Casino, the nominee gave an ominous warning, said that she will exact revenge on a scale “the likes of which this planet has never seen.”

The long time newsreader has developed an enormous social media following for her quirky and unusual style and many thought this popularity would result in winning the Gold Logie award for most popular television presenter.  But the award was presented to The Project’s co-host Waleed Aly, in a move that appears to have made Lin Chin furious.

Television insiders are privately discussing just how far Lin Chin is willing to go in order to exact her revenge.  In the past, she has shown that she will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Remember when I murdered my competing newsreaders? It’s been so long since I’ve taken a life.

— Lee Lin Chin (@LeeLinChinSBS) August 21, 2015

In August last year, Ms Lin Chin tweeted, “it’s been so long since I’ve taken a life”.  At the time, most assumed that the newsreader was joking, but now many fear what she may be capable of.  In a video published on Youtube last year titled “Broadcast Battleground”, Ms Lin Chin faced off against Australia’s most respected journalists in a fight to the death.

An armed and dangerous Lee Lin Chin poses with a firearm promoting her Broadcast Battleground video. (Original Photo: SBS)

That video was thought to have been a delightful comic romp and parody of the fight scene from Anchorman.  But media industry analysts are now questioning whether Lin Chin may have been using the video as a rehearsal for a dangerous and cataclysmic act, unlike anything that’s ever been seen in Australia.  Ms Lin Chin is thought to have used the comedy video as a way to study and assess the weaknesses of her opponents in violent, fight to the death scenarios.

The speculation on the type of revenge that Ms Lin Chin was preparing went into overdrive later in the evening, when she posted a cryptic message to her social media account.  On one hand it had praised her opponent who had taken out the award, but in it she also promised to “bathe in [his] blood.”

Congratulations to Waleed, as a newsreader I respect the hell out of you. As a narcissist I will bathe in your blood.

— Lee Lin Chin (@LeeLinChinSBS) May 8, 2016

Intelligence authorities would not comment on whether they have increased surveillance on Ms Lin Chin.