If you have a prolific tea drinker and lover in your inner circle, you know what present to get for them on special occasions. However, let’s not take the mainstream approach and give them the obvious. There are several interesting presents for gift lovers that they will adore. 

Here are six awesome gift ideas for tea lovers that they will absolutely love.

  1. A Kettle or Teapot

A very thoughtful present for tea lovers is an electric kettle. Even though they may likely own a kettle, it is time to upgrade. This is particularly useful for individuals who prefer to have multiple cups of tea in a day but often run busy. An electric kettle heats water within a couple of minutes and makes the process faster. Your loved one no longer has to wait for long when brewing their tea. If your loved one prefers to have their tea in a traditional way, a teapot can also be an ideal choice. You can find several designer teapots online. Whether it’s a stovetop kettle or an electric teapot, your tea lover friend is bound to enjoy your present. 

  1. Tea Infuser

Another thoughtful option is a tea infuser. Every tea lover can easily tell the difference between flavorful and dull cups of tea. Apart from the type of tea leaves and bags, the right water temperature also enhances the flavor. For this, buy a tea infuser that steeps loose tea leaves just at the right temperature. Moreover, it infuses the tea for the right amount of time, which further affects its taste and aroma. If you are unable to afford the expensive French Press tea infuser, you can also find a cute and affordable manual tea infuser. 

  1. Chocolate Truffles

Give a box of delicious chocolate truffles to your loved one as a tasty accompaniment to their afternoon tea. Since desserts pair well with tea, they will appreciate your present and devour them during tea time. If your loved one has a specific preference or favorite tea flavor, learn more about the type of chocolate or dessert that goes well with it. If you do not want to give them plain chocolate truffles, look for tea-infused chocolate bites that evoke the same aroma and taste of their favorite Earl Grey tea. Fruit similar to the flavor of this tea, bergamot is added to the chocolate mixture to give out a unique botanical aroma and flavor. 

  1. Tea Subscription Box

Tell us a better gift idea than a tea subscription box for a tea lover. They get to try several varieties of teas and look forward to more flavors. The tea aficionados at https://www.theboxhut.com/blog/best-tea-subscription-box recommend getting a subscription box with a variety of flavors to serve their best interest. Even though tea lovers chug down 5 to 8 cups of tea per day, the options they have are usually very limited. By giving them this subscription box, you can help rekindle their love for tea and explore more options. Subscription box deals sold online also come in specific themes and are curated based on detailed interests. For example, you can choose from a gourmet tea club subscription box to a collection of classic teas. Other varieties or themes include matcha tea boxes, an assorted collection of fruity flavors, and various types of relaxing tea. 

  1. A Cup and Saucer Set

If your loved one prefers a specific theme or aesthetic, buy them a set of cups and saucers to enhance their tea-drinking experience. Some tea sets also come with teapots that can be directly stacked on one another. In fact, they can be used as pretty ornamentation when not in use. Moreover, they can be directly placed in the dishwasher, thereby making it more convenient. This trio is available in various sizes, designs, and types. Some manufacturers also provide customization options to make the present more meaningful. Get your loved one’s name etched on the surface or put their favorite quote. 

  1. Tea Eye and Lip Mask

Did you know that green and black tea can also act as effective beauty agents? The antioxidant properties of green and black tea can reduce inflammation and reduce dark spots. You can buy special under eye tea bags for your loved one to include in their beauty regime. Using these eye bags is simple; simply place them under your eyes before going to bed. It will prevent puffiness and reduce dark patches. Lip masks made of green tea seed oil and Jeju green tea powder enhance hydration. 

Pick one or more of these presents to give to your loved one on a special occasion. You will not only be praised for your thoughtfulness but also be appreciated for your creative side. Since most of these presents are affordable, you don’t have to go out of your way to buy a thoughtful present for your loved one.