Having unique furniture in the house or on the curb is one thing that separates people who value home decor and those that don’t. Teak furniture is a type of furniture that can elevate the general design of someone’s home. The furniture produces its own natural oil, making it unique and low maintenance. Furthermore, its natural oil prevents moisture from creeping into the wood, affecting its integrity.

Despite the furniture’s natural defensive mechanism, one must still care for it to ensure that it remains in a pristine state. Factors such as different weather conditions can affect the furniture’s original color and state. Someone must maintain their teak furniture regularly to retain its original condition.

  1. Sand the Teak Furniture

Sanding maintains the furniture’s glowing touch. The main benefit of this process is that it restores the original brown glow of the furniture. However, sometimes sanding can be difficult when trying to reach the specific areas of the furniture. Once someone is finished, they need to seal the wood to preserve its hues.

  1. Preserve Its Color

Color is everything on furniture. Furniture with glowing colors will always stand out. One should use teak sealers to maintain the furniture’s original color, then leave it dry. Most people assume that oiling the teak furniture once a year will prevent it from fading. However, teak produces its own natural oil; thus, it is best to use a tick sealant to maintain the furniture’s golden hues.

Most tick sealants last a year. Someone should buy a protective sealant that minimizes the effects of sun rays on the teak furniture. Before applying the sealant, one must leave the furniture out in the sun for two weeks to open the furniture’s grain. It ensures that the sealant adheres correctly. Spray the sealant on the furniture and rub it into the furniture using a cloth. An additional coat of the sealant is also needed for optimum finishing.

Once someone applies the teak sealant, it holds the furniture’s original color. It means that when someone seals the furniture with its actual color, it will never age.

  1. Clean It Regularly

Teak furniture is easy to clean, but one must have the necessary equipment. Before cleaning teak furniture, it is essential to know the natural states of teak. Someone can read more here on the different forms of teak and the process of cleaning such furniture. However, the basic cleaning requirements are a brush and mild soap to remove oil stains on the furniture.  

For best results, it is best to scrub with grains. However, if the teak furniture has heavy stains, it is best to use sandpaper. Grease and water stains can be removed using a teak protector designed to eliminate any furniture stains.

  1. Preventative Measures During Different Climatic Conditions

To ensure that the teak furniture is in a pristine state, one must know how to take care of it during various climatic conditions. During winter, the environment’s moisture levels are high, and it is best to ensure that the deck furniture is always indoors. The moisture in the atmosphere affects the teak wood, making it turn black.

The best way to preserve teak furniture during the winter period is to have a furniture cover. The furniture covers prevent mildew, thus maintaining its original color.

  1. Remove the Gray Patina

The gray patina is the furniture’s defensive mechanism against the weather. It does not affect the furniture’s structural integrity. It is caused by oxidation from the sun. To remove this gray patina, one should use caustic and acid cleaners. These chemicals will scrub the grease layer and reveal the furniture’s golden tone, thus maintaining its original color.

  1. Polish the Teak Furniture

Whenever someone cleans a piece of wooden furniture, including the teak wood, the polish always comes off. Polishing retains back the shine, and it protects the furniture’s surface. One should use a furnished polish with low alcohol content because high alcohol content can affect the wood finishes.

For the teak furniture, ensure that the furniture polish does not affect the teak wood’s natural oil. Someone should consult on the right polish to use because not all types of woods are the same. The teak furniture requires special care to maintain its natural oil, which is what makes it unique.

Accidents occur unexpectedly. Someone should immediately clean the teak furniture when it gets stained. However, for teak furniture, the cleaning process is not similar to other types of wood because it produces its own natural oil. One must clean the wood without compromising the natural oil. Preserving the teak furniture’s color is another way to retain its pristine state. Teak sealants ensure that the furniture never loses its original color and preserves its original look. Teak furniture is classy, and one should properly maintain it to maintain its unique appearance.