A Street Corner international investigation.

Is there another Madden brother?  And is that brother Boy George?  These are the questions that Street Corner sought to answer following a tip from one of our readers.

The tip off came about two weeks ago from a reader who had been watching a 60 Minutes interview with Boy George.  The reader noticed incredible similarities between the ageing international entertainer and the more youthful looking singer, Joel Madden.  So striking were the similarities that the reader sent us the picture below.

Separated at birth? Boy George and Joel Madden.

Comparing the pictures, the resemblance is striking.  Both choose to wear dark felt hats.  Both sport almost identical goatee birds.  And what is Joel hiding underneath those sunglasses?  Could it be eye make-up?  The exact same eye-make up worn by Boy George in the photograph at left?

Our tipster suggested the pair might be twins, but as eagled eyed Street Corner readers would be aware, Joel Madden is, in fact, already a twin with brother Benji. The pair were members of a band called “Good Charlotte” and more recently have performed as a duo known as “The Madden Brothers”.

So if Joel is already a twin with brother Benji, could Boy George be a triplet brother?  While official birth records suggest that Boy George was born in 1961 in London, some 18 years before the Maddens, and on a separate continent, several thousand kilometres away, we wonder it might still be technically possible.  After all, it’s not just their looks.  How on earth is it possible that the trio could share so much musical talent, a very similar look and not be triplets?  While we are yet to have incontrovertible proof, our investigation continues.

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