Veteran broadcaster Ken Sutcliffe has announced his retirement from the Nine Network so that he can focus his energy on his modelling career.

While the affable and friendly Sutcliffe wouldn’t confirm the rumour, Street Corner understands the television legend is already fielding offers from internationally respected fashion designers and cosmetic companies.  Industry insiders say that with his ageless look and charm, Sutcliffe could command modelling contracts worth millions.

Long described as the ‘Male Model from Mudgee’, Gucci and Prada are just two of the major brands understood to be courting Sutcliffe’s modelling services following his stellar career in broadcasting.  His agent is believed to have fielded calls from Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and even Kanye West.  The American rapper is hopeful that Sutcliffe’s good looks might be the key to selling more Yeezy footwear in Australia.

“He’s a beautiful man in every sense of the word,” one fashion insider told Street Corner.  “Any magazine would love to have him on the cover.  And he is just so down to earth.  He’d be a dream to work with.”

Media analysts say that Sutcliffe could easily command six or seven figure modelling contracts.  “Those gorgeous eyes of his.  My word.  So sexy.”