So… you feel it may be time to give your home a much-needed makeover. You are tired of looking at the same old décor that has existed for the past 10 years! It feels like forever since you last turned your hand to a bit of interior design and feel now is the time to introduce some much-welcomed change into the household. 

You want to arrive home after a hard day at the office and walk into a home that fills you with pride! You know…something up to date yet still has the cozy factor and screams wow to your closest family and friends when they feel the urge to pop round for the occasional natter. Yes, you are desperate for a revamp however, you do not fancy going to the extreme and undergoing a complete renovation. Just a few subtle changes that will enhance your living space, without the stress of total upheaval, that will bring your humble abode back to life. 

Enhance Without the Chaos

After all, you adore your existing furniture and the rustic feel you get when relaxing in your living room. You could not imagine being without the warm blaze from your antique open fire or the magnificent beams that give your house that appealing character. All you desire a bit of a spruce, to update your home without any chaos! There are many ways you can achieve the upgrade, without turning it into a building site. Here are some ideas for you to consider.

Introduce Your Home to Nature

Adding some life from outside can make all the difference in creating a modern and fresher feel to your home. Having plants placed in every room, especially flowers with bright and exotic colors will introduce a vibrant and eye-catching look to your living space.

Get Cosy With It!

We all desire a home where we can find peace and tranquility after a tough day on the job. Having plenty of cushions around the house will give off that cozy, comfortable atmosphere you long for after a tiring day. Choosing cushions with extravagant, radiant colors will enhance the room and give it that kiss of life. If you are seeking a color that will provide your home with a warm and tranquil feeling then choosing to opt for pink styles could be the answer. From subtle pastel pinks all the way to bold shades like hot pink, you are sure to find the perfect color to work well within your household. You can also try patterns to add style and when purchasing cushions always go big! The bigger the better!

Lose the Clutter

We are all guilty of it to a point, saving items we have acquired over the years that we just cannot bring ourselves to throw away! Keepsakes, memorabilia and things that we become attached to on a deep level, it seems impossible to give them up. However, choosing to let go of some of the less sentimental items accumulated over the years, is a great start on your journey of transforming your home into a much more contemporary and spacious look. It is amazing just how much of a difference decluttering your home can make. Your home will become visibly larger, feel fresher and believe it or not, will have a positive impact on your mental state of mind.

Add a Touch Of Color

Giving your room that splash of color can be an effective way of achieving that enhanced look you desire. Adding a feature wall to the room and choosing a bright, dramatic color can turn your living space from a plain, monotonous design into a breathtaking masterpiece. You can also try adding bold accessories to the room, something that will stand out and demand attention! Maybe a picture, a piece of art to the wall that will catch the eye, a funky-colored lamp or even invest in a striking piece of furniture, such as a chair in an intense, unique shade.

It can be extremely daunting and overwhelming when thinking about starting anew. All the time, cost and hard work to begin a new interior from scratch can be stressful. However, to elevate your home and give it a more positive, comfortable or even just a more contemporary look is a lot easier than first anticipated. By changing the little things, the result you are looking for can be achieved. There is no need to uphaul your whole living space, by improving on your current assets and introducing brighter colors, stylish accessories and bolder pieces of furniture, you can transform your living quarters into the home you have been dreaming of!

We all get to the point in life when we feel the need to give our home that long-awaited upgrade, the thought can present itself at any time! Maybe you fancy an uplift at a difficult time in your life or may even just want to keep up with the times. The fact is we all require a change in our lives at some time or another and change can be the positive outcome that we have all been searching for!