This direct from update is from the office of NSW Arts Minister Virginia Judge.

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‘NSW Arts Minister Virginia Judge today added her voice to a chorus of support for Australian music content on digital radio.

Ms Judge said the local music industry is rallying against a recent ruling by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

“The ruling states there is no minimum required quota of Australian content to be played on digital radio for the next three years,” she said.

“The NSW Government is proud to support home grown artists and is committed to driving growth in our creative industries. “Today I have announced $2,000 in NSW Government funding to the Australian Songwriters Official National Group to help keep Australian content on radio.

Ms Judge pledged her support in a message to be read during the ‘Salute our Songwriters’ concert in Tamworth today (21 January). “As a former patron of the Australian Songwriters Association, this cause is very close to my heart,” she said.

“The songwriter represents the creative centre and business foundation of the music industry.

“Radio airplay is a vital part of the industry and it is essential that Australian content can be heard on digital radio.”

The ‘Salute our Songwriters’ concert is being staged by ASONG, the Australian Songwriters Official National Group, in partnership with Australian song website Song Central, in order to promote Australian music content.

“Events like tonight’s concert highlight the musical talent we have in this country, and remind us that we need to ensure that our culture is continuously represented, in order to guarantee the sustainability of the Australian music industry,” Ms Judge said.

“I call on all Australians to show their support for Aussie artists and let radio stations know that local content is a must,” she said.

For more information on the Salute Our Songwriters concert, visit “

Should there we an Australian music quota for digital radio or do you agree with ACMA’s decision to exempt digital radio for 3 years?