Hilton Sydney’s Marble Bar is celebrating its 120 years of history by introducing a signature ‘120 Cocktail’ and offering live music every day throughout the month of October. The anniversary commemoration kicks off with the unveiling of a history wall displaying newly recovered doors and souvenirs from the original bar.

Throughout the years, Marble Bar has shaken many concoctions, and through its birthday month, its bartenders will bring back forgotten classics like the ‘Million Dollar Cocktail’ and a classic Champagne cocktail served with Moet & Chandon and Hennessey VSOP Cognac, in a reinvigorating style. Marble Bar is also partnering with legendary James Squire Brewery with a special pricing on offer. What says Australian history better than a James Squire “One Fifty Lashes” Pale Ale at Marble Bar?

Following the launch of Discovered at Marble Bar earlier this year, the bar invited local musicians –past, present and new bands- to join celebrations and be part of its 120 year trajectory. The October musical line up promises to be eclectic.

“Most bars have a lifespan of a few years but Marble Bar has managed to defy the odds,” said Hotel Manager Felix Busch. “The secret to its longevity might lie with staying true to what it is – a uniquely stylish and welcoming bar with excellent service and entertainment.”

Surviving 12 decades of music and fashion, Marble Bar has lived through many changes yet still manages to surprise. Marble Bar has recently discovered the original swing doors from the Adams Private Bar in Tattersall’s Hotel, which have been donated back to Marble Bar by Tattersalls Group Limited. These doors are the main features of the history wall, also adorned with books, vintage games, news clippings and photographs from the past 120 years. The commemorating wall can be viewed in the foyer of Marble Bar at B1/488 George Street, Sydney.

A 120th birthday party is too big to fit into one day, so Marble Bar festivities will go from 1 October through 31 October with live music every day with no cover charge. In addition, and by popular demand from its social media followers, Marble Bar will be giving away 120 beers throughout the month and will host a Gatsby themed party on the last Saturday in October.

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