Randwick Council - Planning C'tee 13 March 2012

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by Chilla

PART 2 - There are 8 further DAs recommended, all for approval, including a contentious ‘bunker style’ house in Couth Coogee.

Part 1 dealt with 207 Barker St (corner of Avoca Street Randwick – the old Nissan site), a 117 unit development where Council staff proposes settling (conciliation) with the developer, as well as two applications recommended for refusal being a 136 unit boarding house at 390-396 Anzac Parade Kingsford and a ‘secondary dwelling’ at 7 Boomerang Street Maroubra.

Agenda numbers (eg DXX/12) has been retained as this is the order in which each item appears in the business paper.

D17/12 - 17 Garnet Street, South Coogee

This is for new house where the existing stands, the site being on the corner of Cario Street. The application is described in Council’s report as a “highly contemporary architectural expression”. No wonder the locals hate it. Still, the application has been modified to reduce the impact on views for neighbouring properties, which is usually an issue in this area. There were 16 objections.

D16/12 - 35 Midway Drive, Maroubra (DA/806/2010)

Proposed is 4 townhouses in place of an existing 2 storey dwelling, the plans having a floor space ratio of 0.7 to 1, compared to the standard of 0.65. It was deferred at the Council meeting on 8 Nov 2011 for mediation with the neighbours and an agreement has been reached.

D20/12 - 159 Fitzgerald Avenue, Maroubra (DA/509/2011)

Another 4 townhouse development. It comes to Council has floor space ratio proposed is 0.74 to 1, standard is 0.65, wall / building height is 7 /10 metres respectively, standard is 7 /10 metres. There were no objections.

D18/12 - 11A Chapman Avenue Maroubra (DA/1118/2010/A)

A modification to the existing consent for a first floor extension to a semi is sought, being a rear deck to the upper level and a new ground floor window. The application comes to Council as the original application was determined by them. There were no objections.

D19/12 - 385 Maroubra Road, Maroubra (DA/12/2012

This is for a front fence of 1.8 metres high which complies with Council’s guidelines regarding 50% being transparent above a certain height. It comes to Council as the property is near that owned by a Council employee. It has been assessed by an independent planning firm. There were no objections.

D21/12 - 9 Kyogle Street, Maroubra (DA/37/2012)

A first floor addition to a semi. There was 1 objection, plans have been amended to address privacy impacts. The application has been independently assessed as the property is owned by a Council employee.

D23/12 - 4-8 Storey Street, Maroubra (DA/553/2011)

This is described as subdivision into 4 lots and site remediation, as part of the site was used for car repairs. Originally, the combined site was planned for 2 large (90 place) child care centres by the Mount Sinai College. This plan met stiff opposition from locals and eventually was refused by the Land & Evironment Court in 2008. The matter comes to Council as two of the proposed lots have a battleaxe frontage which does not comply with the standard on site frontage. There were no objections.

D25/12 - 2 Hamilton Street, Clovelly (DA/852/2011)

Use of a house, on the corner of Division Street as a health consulting room (doctor). This use, apparently, has existed on an authorized basis for many years. It comes to Council at the request of Councillors Nash, Andrews and Matthews. There were 6 objections and a petition of 5. there were also 2 submissions in favour. Recommended for approval is hours Monday – Friday 9am-6pm and Saturday 9am- Midday.

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