Bondi's Favourite Cat Mauled to Death by Two Rottweilers

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by Aladin83

Tyson the Ginger Cat that many Bondi Residents had become friends with over the years was unfortunately mauled to death yesterday in a savage attack by two uncontrollable Rottweilers. Tyson had become a favourite among residents as he had lived at 29 Lamrock Ave for approximately 18 years and was known to sit on the front fence Rain, Hail or Shine. Some people would often worry about this feline and it's tendency to sit on the fence content in the most horrendous weather. However his friends knew this to be part of his quirky nature and always offered food a king pat, or just a gentle nod of acknowledgement to the old fellow....

Unfortunately the woman walking these two Rottweilers refused to stop and provide assistance to poor Tyson or her details, and left the scene and poor Tyson to pass away in the arms of loving neighbours.

If anyone has information as to the owner or whereabouts of these dogs they are urged to contact Waverley Council and/or Bondi Police.

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Bondi Adam posts

Has Waverley Council been able to help track down the dogs who did this and have them declared 'dangerous dogs'. This is becoming all too frequent in Bondi.

Aladin83 posts

This lady was never found. She and her dogs are still "at large"

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