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by Save Botany

Myself & several other residents attended The JRPP (Joint Regional Planning Panel) meeting on Thursday 23rd February at Botany Town Hall to express our concerns about the planned development on the corner of Myrtle, Jasmine & Bay Streets. I have never felt so much class distinction displayed in a room. The panel seemed to be uncomfortable just being in Botany let alone having to listen to one of the lowly residents, myself, speaking.Another resident spoke and she was also just tolerated, but it was quite evident that what she had to say was of no interest to the "Panel" what so ever.They were on the border line of being rude.They portrayed themselves as"the elite members of society" and their arrogance was stifling in the room. Botany Council were not much better.I suggest that both party's knew the outcome before the meeting even began. Not one word that was spoken from the residents was taken on board or considered in anyway. The Developer & his architect did not bother attending the meeting, which the panel commented "that it was the first time that they had panelled a meeting where noone from the developers side had bothered to show up. They seemed more concerned about this matter than anything else. Does this not tell you something? The developer was as arrogant & confident as the panel! We no longer live in a democracy where things are done the right,fair and honest way.These councils & governments are being paid by our money, yet they do not listen to a thing that the people want. It is all about the almighty dollar. Needless to say, the panel & council both were in favour of the development. Game over.Every person who resides in the areas that Botany Council (Wilson St) Randwick Council(Maroubra Junction & Randwick) & City of Sydney Council (Ashmore Development) cover need to band together and stand up Ă„GAINST INAPPROPRIATE DEVELOPMENTS" which are choking our roads with traffic that they cannot cope with, unable to park in your own streetand more pollution being created that you will eventually be made to pay for.

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Save Botany posts

Forgot to mention the Bunnings/Orica development in Denison Street.If this development is allowed to proceed it will generate so much more traffic in & around the site. The roads are already dangerous enough in this area with huge trucks thundering along them.And what about all of the small local businesses that will close because they will be unable to compete?Greedy Botany Council!! They are becoming Gestapo. Save Botany

The people that just commented on "save Botany" have no idea of whats going on in the world!!! This development bring not only work to poeple that are struggling but also brings up the ares potential growth. These developments not only generate an income for all the local people that are struggling but also bring up the medium house price and icreases the value of the overall area. Mind you we are all more than happy to be told that our house is worth more but do they stop to even think WHY?? Maybe its becuase some one got of their back side and helped the potential growth of the area - and all I can say is GOOD ON THEM FOR HELPING OUT OUR BOTANY TO TRY AN D REACH ITS POTENTIAL IN GROWTH - which will bring in more people, more money, better schooling, - the list is enless!!! Open up your minds to growth and we will all benefit!!!

Save Botany posts

Open your minds"when was the last time you travelled to China or India and could not walk in the streets because OF THE TRAFFIC & POLLUTION? Which development will bring more work to the community? And if people are struggling because they are not working, why are they not working? There are jobs around. Who got off their backside and helped the potential growth of the area, the same person or persons that was responsible for Port Botany, which supplies jobs for most people that live out of the area? Or Orica that poisons the earth, water & air. Botany has one of the highest rates of rentals in Sydney, so it would be fair to say that at least 40% of these developments will be purchased as investment properties? How will it create better schooling in the area, where have you been, there have been 2 State high schools at Maroubra Junction & Maroubra Bay sold or closed in the last decade, yet it was known that this high density population was being pushed in & around Botany by the government. Great planning for the future infrastructure. Where will they build the schools? It was ignorance, greed & growth that was responsible for the introduction of the carbon tax.This is not just about profit and how much your house had increased in value, it is not all about what you will gain individually. If you are a Botany resident obviously you have not resided here for long enough to see the change from a poor industrial area rise to a geat little community and now we will go backwards because of greed and greed alone. These high rise developments will create slums. We do not have the luxury of Bondi, Coogee and Maroubra with their assetts of the beach to ensure that the valuation of their homes will never decrease. We have Port Botany, the airport and Orica in the middle. Open your mind and become a realist , I hope if you do live in Botany you get a huge development built right next door to you and that you are still living here in twenty years time to witness the outcome. Save Botany

@SaveBotany - your comments in terms of the carbon tax are quite valid and you can thank juliar and the labour and green superstars for that. whilst @openyourmind seems alittle biased, there is alot of truth and practicality in his comment. However, your last post indicates you are being somewhat narrow minded: 1. what development will bring work to the community - wow you really do have your blinkers on. i think you need a lesson in basic economics 101. 2. comparing the current position with china or india and their traffic/polution is ridiculous, you need to compare apples with apples not apples with bananas. out of curiosity, when was the last time you went to china or india? i was in china 4 years ago and let me tell you their streets were a lot cleaner than here in sydney and nmore specifically botany. 3. in terms of schooling, your comments again highlight a lack of understanding of planning. schools are built once there is justification of density for that growth. you will never get schools planned nor built and then the housing to supoprt those schools. speak to the folks at department of education to get a better insight. 4. high rise developments cause slums - really? i'd love to view your evidence of that (again compare apples with apples).

Save Botany posts

If only I was kidding!!The only development that will create jobs in the area is the huge Bunnings store.Most of the residential developments are overseas investors "The Great Tang Bros"etc. & they will use their building contractors, not hire local brickies or tilers etc. I noticed in the demolition of the old industrial sites there were no local coompanies. I travel to China twice a year for business & my last visit to India was 2010. What about the air & traffic in Beijing & Shanghai,it is like one big carpark on the roads.I can assure you that some of the streets in the provinces are not as clean as SYDNEY, or didn't you wonder off there.I first visited China over 25 years ago, when the traffic would have lucky to have been a quarter of what it is today, main mode of transport was pushbikes & you could see the sky. Why were the two state schools sold , because the government had ran out of money. The two state schools that I am referring to were needed then and more so now. But a quick buck was made! Thats alright though, the taxpayers will pay to have more built. Why would I speak to the folks at the department of education, wasn't it that department that was involved in wasting so much of the taxpayers money on "school sheds & sub standard heating" along with the then minister for education.Yes, high-rise development or over development can create slums, depending on the suburb. A glut of anything can lower prices. Eastlakes is a perfect example, before the epidemic of over development hit Eastlakes it was a nice area. Look at it now, would you like to live there or maybe Hillsdale is more your choice. I speak to people who live in high- rise at Waterloo,Redfern & Maroubra.Do you? I think you need a lesson in manners and may I suggest that possibly you are a public servant. If so I think you have missed your vocation in life and should become a fruiterer, apples are apples, bananas are bananas! That is what I love about Australia, each and everyone of us have a right to our own opinion, right or wrong, narrow minded or not, you can be an arrogant idiot and its all good!!! Good luck to you Con. Save Botany

There's a multitude of plans for new apartment buildings being unveiled for this year and a variety of new stages in developments now being built. Yet despite Sydney apartment construction rising slightly in the the past year - recent ABS data shows apartment approvals jumped 7.4 per cent in 2011 - there's still a massive shortfall. There are simply not enough new developments to accommodate the up to 80,000 people moving to Sydney each year, given that just 23,051 new dwellings were built in 2011 (see Weekly Snapshot, Domain Houses). ''There's an enormous shortfall,'' says the chief executive of Urban Taskforce Australia, Chris Johnson. ''Because of the current economic climate and the uncertainty of planning, the development industry is being very cautious in relation to building new apartments, particularly within the Sydney metropolitan area. There'll be a big problem down the track.''

@SaveBotany - wow! so much malice. unfortunately you need to take the blinkers off that thick head of yours and wake up to reality. the way to get results is by being pro-active and looking at alternatives to the garbage that the policiticans (be it local councils, state or federal) come up with. this is the harsh reality of it. provide an alternative, be ahead of the bureaucrats and know what will work and then support it with facts. thats how you get wins. not whinge like a old pommy. for the record, i am not a public servant but i will disclose that i am a consultant with direct engagements by the private sector - one of my clients contracts with the state government and it is through this client I have done work for the state government over the last 4-5 years. Not that it is any of your business or helps work towards a solution for Botany. Unfortunately @savebotany, it is apparent that rather than gaining allies and strength for your argument you are intent on your own agenda. Also for the record, my heritage is Irish & Welsh so your final comments show you off for who you really are: a xenophobe who cannot come to grips with change. I'm sure the greeks in Botany would be charmed to read your comment. Perhaps I will send this link to the Telegraph, that will surely expose you for who you really are. Sell up, get out of the ratrace and move to some hick town in Alabama, where you will feel more at home. You need to save yourself as you cannot save botany with your mindset. call yourself the botany bigot, it is you.

Save Botany posts

You poor sad person. Obviously I have rattled your bones. By all means send this link off to the Telegraph, I was taking the mickey out of you and you didn't even know it. I notice you did not spell Greeks with a capital, not good,disrespectful. Why did you have the need to state your heritage? "Con the fruiterer is a comedy sketch who the Greeks love. I resent whinge like a pommy as I am of aboriginal descent, by the way I have not got a thick head. I am a rather handsome person. Ă„labama, hick town? Have you been smoking something? You were the one that was arrogant & rude in response to my post in the beginning. Can't handle it back obviously. Grow up, get a sense of humour, learn to lose gracefully and at the end of the day you have your opinion and I mine.Game over , getting nasty bores me.BYE!!!!!!

@SaveBotany - thanks for taking the mickey out of me. Your last post shows your thread to be a complete waste of time. So you win, game is over and thank you for stating how handsome a person you are. That will go a long way to save Botany...

Hey Save Botany - Get your facts right: Greeks did not love Con the fruiterer, that whole sketch was an insult to all Greeks you vlaka. It just went to show how one eyed Anglo Saxons are to Greeks who were hard working with their small businesses working 18-20 hour days. If you are so big on respect, why did you not spell Aboriginal with a capital A. Why you hide behind email, be proud of who you are unless you have reason not to be.

Save Botany posts

Na Se evlogisi o theos. Save Botany

At a time when Sydney's housing crisis is worsening, hitting a supply shortfall of about 12,000 to 15,000 a year, hope is finally being provided by three new housing growth hot spots. ''Development is certainly occurring in the growth centres, which will help a great deal in introducing more employment, schoolling, etc, as well as the government calling for projects outside those centres to get going,'' says the chief executive of Urban Taskforce Australia, Chris Johnson. Now Botany is also joining the mix. It is seen as a future growth area because it has several light-industrial sites being rezoned to residential and is close to both the city and the airport - although, happily, not under the flight path - with good transport infrastructure, jobs and schools. ''In the last 14 days, we've had over 630 inquiries, showing how much pent-up demand there is for new developments in Botany,'' says the sales director of Colliers International Sydney South, Ian Bennett. ''It's been amazing. They've been coming from all over Sydney, too.''

Save Botany posts

Open your minds, I am very curious, do you live in Botany? And after reading both your posts makes me think you are an agent or developer, are you? Nearly all of the sites in Botany are that badly contaminated, there is no grass or soil allowed to be exposed, so pedal your sales pitch and propaganda elsewhere. Your last post is nothing more than a free advertisement for the developments

No I live in Botany in an old run down house - no developer, no agent!!! But Im intelligent enough to know that the more modern developments we get in our area the more it will drive up the value of our homes up and the more we have to gain. The council will then have to bring the infrastructure up to date and every thing else as well. The reason for my last post's was to show all of you that this is needed and I love my suburb and I do believe it is up and coming and I think its well deserved for our Botany!!

Save Botany posts

Well open your minds, your surely intelligent enough to realise that council cannot place roads where there is nowhere for them to go. Yes they may add more public transport (buses) but unfortunately they too have to use the same roads as all of the other traffic, which our roads barely cope with now. More air pollution, more traffic gridlocks.Yes, new developments were always going to be better than industrial sites, but to this extent? Greed,greed.greed. Don't forget (our opera house) Port Botany and our Centennial Park (Orica) always will add value to our homes as well. That is a big call, to show all of us that this is what is needed, your opinion and everyone else has theres.

I hear you and I get it but Im not fighting the developers. What they are doing has just set my retirement up - I can sell my house buy one of their appartments and still come out on top. We can all look at this possitively and reap the rewards - make no mistake - we will all benefit from this want to or not!! Hey I know its sounds selfish but no one is going to look after me so I have to!! Im nearly at retirement so them's the breaks.

Save Botany posts

Open Your Minds, we should change that to open your minds for one person, you. And unfortunatley, young couples with kids who have just paid a fortune for their homes and the entire community as far as traffic and air pollution will not all come out on top. Botany had already peaked to great prices and with these developments going ahead, I believe there is only one way to go now, down. So you may just not want to live in Botany, once the anti-social behaviour escalates along with the traffic & pollution. Botany will no longer be a great little community. I also think that you will find that more than 50 per cent of these dwellings will be purchased as investments. "But that will help the Government save on providing social housing as the developers will have done that and the unit investors will be guaranteed rental for their investments. So be careful what you wish for, you just may get it. You were right you do sound selfish and I can understand why you have noone to look after you. So, we will soon see the outcome, thanks for the debate.

What have I been saying..... NEW ''bold and daring'' planning laws will end the practice where complaints from individual residents can block or modify proposed new developments, the state government has revealed. Within weeks the government will release a revolutionary overhaul of the 33-year-old planning act that the Planning Minister, Brad Hazzard, said will end uncertainty faced by developers who buy land not knowing if their plans will be approved when they submit development applications. Mr Hazzard said he was determined to end the current practice where individual development applications turn into ''site-specific planning wars'' and introduce a system where communities agree in advance on building types, heights and densities for a whole area. Once such agreements were reached they would not be varied and developers could get on and build. Advertisement: Story continues below ''The government's direction will be around giving communities a voice upfront in the strategic planning of their areas but, having done that strategic planning, it will be a case of full steam ahead,'' Mr Hazzard said. With new home construction rates at 50-year lows, Mr Hazzard told a Housing Industry Association breakfast the new laws would give developers the certainty needed to build. Read more:

Save Botany, you poor pathetic little man. Upset that everyone around you is making money but not you. You need to stop whinging like the little girl you are, pull your proverbial out and roll your sleeves up so that you understand what risk and reward is. Times are changing old boy, you need to stop living in the 1950's and get with the times. Focus on the points that need to be focused on to get the improvements and wins required, and not the subjective b-s. You posts indicate you passing yourself to be an expert in everything when in fact you are a master of nothing.

You idiot!! Im a widow with six kids, I work full time and support my children and myself. In not whinging at all - on the contrary I have said before and will say again - Botany needs this boost of new housing/apartments to bring us up to the 21st century. I love my suburb and I love how there are new trendy little coffee shops popping up every where, not to mention that noe they are talking about a new bigger eastlakes shopping centre. Let me spell it out for you...more jobs, more money comming into our comminity, better lifestyle, oppotunities for young kids, like mine, to work and give something back to our community, learning good, hard work ethics..etc OPEN YOUR MIND to all that it can bring us!! You are so small minded - our suburb will only prosper from these developments!!!!

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