Overdevelopment issue hot in Erskineville as Council elections approach

Overdevelopment issue hot in Erskineville as Council elections approach

Overdevelopment issue hot in Erskineville as Council elections approach

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by florian

Community feeling was strong this week in Erskineville as residents gathered to oppose overdevelopment in their neighbourhood. The Friends of Erskineville (FoE) called the meeting in their local town hall in response to City of Sydney plans to allow 9 storey towers in the Ashmore Estate area, bordering Alexandria.

Over 200 residents saw detailed presentations by senior Council planners and FoE volunteers, followed by a Q&A session. City Councillors Irene Doutney (Greens) and Meredith Burgmann (Labor) were in attendance, and showed their support for residents. The major concerns are traffic, flooding, and inadequate public transport and other services.

The controversy is continuing from last year’s directive from the NSW Government to allow 19 storey towers on the site. 500 residents submitted objections to the plan, which the State Government has yet to rule out. The directive was the result of representations from the site’s major landowners, (Macquarie) Goodman and Leightons. Leightons is currently under investigation by the Federal Police for possible ethical breaches in Iraq contracts, while both companies have a history of developer donations to City Councillors.

At present, the Council is pushing for a 9 storey compromise plan, open for comment until the end of February. Council has already received many objections, and many more are expected. The 19 storey plan is widely viewed as an ambit, and residents resolved to retain the existing controls of 5 storeys. Other resolutions calling for a detailed traffic study, a stormwater upgrade, improved public transport and other community services were passed.

The meeting was reminded of the strong history of local activism that had previously saved the school, the public housing estate, and a key park during the Green Bans era.

More information is available on the Friends of Erskineville’s website: www.erskinevillevillage.org

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hellozio posts

good article , thanks for writing . there are many other issues involved in this development. there are 2 schools in the area that are crowded and have waiting lists for future students. some parents living in the area have to drive their children to schools outside of the neighbourhood some many kms away. there is an issue with services such as hospitals in the area already overstretched in resources. there is the parking issue which is a whole other issue in itself. visitors to my house have told me they have sometimes driven around for half an hour and at times have given up finding a park at all. this is also true for residents who have been puting up with this for years only to find it is getting worse. then there is the issue of public transport. why are the trains STILL not stopping at st peters and erskineville station. people are often left behind on stations when a train does finally stop at t these stations. there are many other faults with this development including storm water as erskineville is built on a swamp and the ashmore site is the lowest point in the area. thats my 2 cents for now, ive got many more cents i could spend on this issue... but that will do for now. BRING BACK THE WARD SYSTEM WHERE COUNCILLORS WHO ACTUALLY LIVE IN THE AREA CAN REPORT TO COUNCIL WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BE A RESIDENT LIVING HERE. thankyou, zio ledeux, resident for 25 years and member of FOE

lisadenning posts

Good post. Agree the Ward system with South City City Council worked well. But Clover Moore doesn't want it now as it would destroy he power. It was voted out last elections

hellozio posts

so it is time for the community that is affected by this to VOTE THE WARD SYSTEM BACK IN. how can the city of sydney expect the community to be happy when they dont have local reps in the community.

bring back south sydney council ward system back,let community have a say and approve and disapprove of developments and proposals in erskineville. it is about time to give us back our right to vote on community issues.

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