Sydney City Council: Cyclists running red lights not fined

Sydney City Council: Cyclists running red lights not fined

Sydney City Council: Cyclists running red lights not fined

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by BourkeStreet

Running a red light, $57 fine

31,000 unpaid fines issued for offences in the past five years.

NSW Police going soft on cyclists & turning a blind eye

Powerful NSW bike lobby has influence

Cyclists run red lights are not being fined:

''You only have to watch cyclists in the CBD to see the number of red lights they run but they are not being fined.''

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You forgot to mention other road users, why launch another biased attack on people riding bicycles (You obviously have some serious psychological issues)? Sydney is rife with aggressive, incompetent motorists and jay walkers. A recent monash study fount that motorists were at fault in nearly 9 out of 10 cyclist/motorist related incidents, these incidents occurred while cyclists were obeying the road rules. In other words it's often not safe to wait at traffic lights only to take off with machines. Perhaps if we lower the speed limit able bodied cyclists will be able to ride with the flow of motorised traffic. How do you feel about the possibility of lowering speed limits mr Bourke street?

stan posts

At least they don't kill or assault innocent people with two tons of metal like car drivers do..........

gp posts


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