Sydney City Cycle ways: cyclists illegally riding on footpaths

Sydney City Cycle ways:  cyclists illegally riding on footpaths

Sydney City Cycle ways: cyclists illegally riding on footpaths

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by BourkeStreet

Not all footpaths are designated cycleways, not all are shared paths.

But try telling that to bikers who illegally ride on pedestrian footpaths daily making a danger for them.

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That footage shows people riding on martin place, According to the city of sydneys cycling strategy and action plan all parks and precincts are now bicycle friendly, this by resolution means that cyling is now permitted in martin place. Its also worth noting that cycling on the footpath is now legal in Qld, ACT, NT and Tas. Japan has also proven that allowing cyclists to ride on the footpath works in even the most densely populated of cities. What have you got against people on bicycles anyway. Is it just because the utilise one more form of transport than you do? You should try it, its the best way to travel short distances and the healthiest way to travel long.

yogi posts

if you don't feel safe on the road .. ride on the footpath.

yogi posts

and yeah your video should be 3 seconds dramatic.. watching bikes doing 5 km per hour.. How dangerous... NOT Wake up Dinosaurs... you are already a thing of the past.

Safado posts

TERRIFYING!!...I can no longer leave my house.

stan posts

How dare you play the U.S. Marine hymn to that piece of footage. Thousands of men died to give you the freedom to express your ill founded views. Have some respect for the dead please.

What footpaths? Get the cars off the footpaths too.

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