No Dual Role

No Dual Role

No Dual Role

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by BourkeStreet

No Dual Role

After the unsuccessful attempt to STOP the Sydney City Council's DA for a concrete cycle way on Bourke St we are painfully aware of how destructive a dual role holder (the same person being BOTH Mayor and State Member) is to our system of governance.

We are convinced that had there been a separate individual as MP, Bourke St and its trees and parking would be saved.

The MP would have assisted us with representations and, as the reasons for building the 2-way concrete channel were flawed, a better system would have been negotiated.

The Member could have assisted us with publicity and a private members statement made under parliamentary privilege.

With a dual holder MP we were refused assistance.

Dual roles create a conflict of duties and time constraints mean not all duties of each role are performed.

Dual roles are banned in Victoria, Queensland and South Australia.

The NSW Government may act to ban dual roles in NSW if there is majority public support for it.

We urge you to complete the attached form and send it:

By post:

Dual Roles Discussion Paper Division of Local Government Locked Bag 3015 NOWRA NSW 2541

Or by fax: 02-44284199

Submissions must be lodged by 31 January 2012.

More info is on a website set up by a neighbour local group


Correspondence to:

No Dual Role, PO Box 1513 Potts Point NSW 2011


Report Post


paul potato posts

Here we go again, How dare you represent our street, you think machines have more right to use public space than people. Clover Moores Votes increased in and around the Bourke street polling booths. The people have spoken, they vote for Clover because she does a great job. People have more right to use public space than your empty automobiles. The state liberals are corrupt, they couldn't win si they are changing the rules. This is supposed to be a democracy.The discussion paper argues that it’s not practical for a person to effectively perform both roles. However many MPs have additional roles, for example government ministers, the premier, business owners, property developers, lawyers. In the case of Clover Moore, she has been able to perform both roles effectively and has actually succeeded in delivering significant improvements for the Sydney community.

Reason posts

So you're convinced that had there been a separate individual as MP, Bourke St cycleway wouldn't have been built, are you? You're assuming that the MP would have sided with your minority view. Anyway an MP doesn't have any jurisdiction in local government matters, so they wouldn't have been able to change anything even if they'd wanted to (and that's a big if considering the community support for the cycleway). If the community were opposed to Clover and her attempts to improve this city, they would vote her out of office. Btw wow many trees were felled to make way for your home? And all the roads in Sydney?

What are you asking them to submit the attached form for?No thanks,I`m not doing it for you.

The Cottage posts

Latest survey shows Sydney Electorate wants an end to Dual Roles by a margin of 2 to 1.

"The NSW Government may act to ban dual roles in NSW if there is majority public support for it." That is the way a democracy works, which is why Clover should be allowed to hold the two positions if she has the "majority public support for it". Let the people either vote her in or vote her out.

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