Mums set up pre-loved baby markets Liverpool South-West Sydney

Tiny Tots Baby Market

Tiny Tots Baby Market

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by StreetCorner Staff

Belinda Hayday and Tennille Amador are organising markets for pre-owned[second hand] baby and toddler items, such as cloths and toys.

" Save money and save the planet."

Belinda and Tennille met when they were both at primary school together growing up in housing commission in Macquarie Fields, where you learn to value what you have.

Both girls are now married with five kids between them with mortgages and working casually to make ends meet.

The idea to set up markets for people to come and sell and buy pre-loved goods came about because they were traveling to markets to buy and sell things themselves, and realised that South-West Sydney had a huge need for such markets too.

So “Tiny Tots Baby Market” was created, and they run every three months, the first one for Liverpool is on Sunday 14th November Micheal Wenden Centre Miller 62 Cabramatta Ave, Miller (Liverpool) or Ingleburn Community Hall 13th February 2011.

Parents get sucked into buying all these new cloths that kids hardly wear as they grow out of them so quickly, or toys that they use for a short time before they get sick of them and move onto the next thing. Passing them onto friends is great, but you can also make money out of selling them, or save a fortune off the value of new goods by buying the markets.

Like most first time parents Tenille said she and her husband brought all new cloths and toys as they wanted to spoil their child, but now with a mortgage and working part time Tenille said we realised how much money we wasted on cloths that we could buy second hand.

“I mean why pay full price, when you take cloths home and wash them and they are like brand new, some goods still have tags on them as people’s kids didn't even get to wear them. “ said Tenille.

Tennille said “Stalls cost $50 for pre-loved and we also have a small number for local businesses that are related to children like cupcake sellers, photographers which cost $70.”

“We wanted to set up a business from home to earn some money and spend more time with our kids, and people said you never make money in your first year which we have learnt, plus we are working really hard.” said Tenille.

Reducing carbon foot print is all across the media , but this idea really puts that into practice. Cloths and toys are all made in China, then shipped here, so by extending the life of items we save more raw materials and energy being used to create more stuff and save them from ending up in landfill.

If you would like a stall in Liverpool on the 14th of November there are still some spots available to to their Facebook website “Tiny Tots Baby Market”:

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