Western Sydney should not shoulder all of NSW's addiction to imports

Sylvia Hale Greens

Sylvia Hale Greens

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by StreetCorner Staff

Greens MP Sylvia Hale joined 1000 strong residents rally yesterday against the building of a freight intermodal at Moorebank at Sydney’s South-West and has called on the State Government to hold an inquiry into the state-wide freight needs of NSW.

“It's simply not good enough to dump the whole of NSW's containerised freight imports into Moorebank" said Ms Hale, The Greens spokesperson for Planning.

"The State Government must urgently develop a plan that shares the noise and pollution that arises from our addiction to imported consumer goods, and not leave western Sydney alone to share the burden.

Surely it is not too difficult to off-load containers for Newcastle, northern Sydney and Northern NSW at Newcastle, or to offload containers for Wollongong, South Western Sydney and southern NSW at Port Kembla.” said Ms Hale.?

Ms Hale said “There is no doubt that the inner areas of Sydney should bear their fair share too, and take their containerised freight through Port Botany with an intermodal at Enfield. "The current plan of State and Federal Labor and Liberal parties will essentially see all the containerised freight imports for NSW come through Port Botany and then to Moorebank, with a small amount going to Enfield.”

Hale said “ Government has consistently selected locations based on using Government owned land rather than planning where the optimal location should be.”

Hale continued “Much as Federal Transport Minister Anthony Albanese may claim that up to 40% of freight will be railed from Port Botany to Moorebank, there is not the capacity in the current rail system to take 40% of containerised freight from Port Botany, and even if there was it would mean that life for residents of his own electorate living near the Bankstown rail corridor will become nearly intolerable.

"The majority of the freight will instead go down an expanded M5, and there will be a near unbroken line of trucks from Port Botany to Moorebank 24 seven as result.

"For people living nearby the M5 noise and air pollution will increase, and even an expanded M5 will once again reach gridlock in a very short period of time.

"As with the construction of the third runway nearly twenty years ago, Labor in Government has gone with the quick fix, and disregarded the interests of residents around Botany Bay, and this time of south western Sydney as well.

"Labor should complete the Maldon-Dombarton rail line from Port Kembla to south western Sydney and upgrade freight and passenger rail links from Newcastle to northern Sydney, which would reduce road traffic, reduce air pollution, reduce long term costs and share the downside of freight imports into NSW.

"Increasing containerised freight through both Port Kembla and Newcastle would diversify the freight handling at both ports, reduce their reliance on coal exports and create regional employment opportunities. A state-wide inquiry into NSW freight transport needs would allow us to take a big picture response to this major issue," said Ms Hale.

There was a clear message yesterday, that is every vote counts.

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Tracey posts

Every vote does count. Please consider all the fact about the terminal before you Vote in any election. A site that provides useful information is: http://www.moorebankintermodal.com/

DaraB posts

I agree. I got to commend Sylvia, she from the beginning she knew the ramifications of this project. Before many as was noted in her address back in 2005. If it was her address to Parliament that caught my attention and made it very clear of the ramifications of this project. Its a shame that whatever the Greens put to Parliament. I gets left somewhere. No-one runs with it. As seen with the noise barrier issue. Greens put it through the upper house. And it stayed there. No-one ran with it in the lower house. Greens on these two issues talk a lot of sense but there is never backing by the major parties.

@ Dara, to rectify this situation Dara we need to elect the Greens to the Lower House as well...while the two major parties control everything there will be little debate only arguments and no real action...consider this when you go to the polls, this week, next year and in 2008. If you want balanced representation create balance by electing more than the two majors...If you think...Vote [1] Green in both houses Signe Westerberg Greens Candidate for Fowler 8777 5599

oops...meant 2012...sorry (can't go back)

Michael_R posts

Ms Hales’ reasoning for freight handling tends to make sense. But the suggestion of giving the Greens an extra Senator is very dangerous as they may hold the balance of power. That is unfair in terms of overall votes. It would also allow their policies of placing people last and the environment above all else to gain momentum. If you don't want energy costs to skyrocket beyond affordability, don't vote for them. If you do, don’t whinge when you can’t afford to heat or cool your home, or afford to drive your car and all because of crippling unnecessary Carbon Taxes that will be introduced by them as a condition of supporting whoever wins the election!

@Michael_R, I have to ask...where in the name of all things honest have you read that the Greens put the environment above all else? Contact me privately and I'll post you a policy booklet as sadly the information you are reporting is from some fairy tale. I ask also, which party has a PROVEN record for voting the policy not the party, the Greens. Isn't it better to have the Greens working for the community in a balance of power situation where their record shows they support policy that is in the best interests of the community not the party (either Labor or Liberal). Making such assertions simply misleads the community; fortunately the community within which we actually work is better aware. By the way.... try living without an environment, fresh air, access to nature etc... would make that long trip in a car to work in a coal mine somewhat less interesting wouldn’t it?

Dominico posts

ALL Residents and Media - come to the Protest this Saturday, the 5th February 2011 at Sydney Parliament House at 11am sharp! Let us know you are coming by emailing 7674np@gmail.com Take a Stand for our KIDS and Families HEALTH!

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