Liberal’s choose Western Sydney candidates Parramatta and Greenway

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by StreetCorner Staff

The Liberal Party believes the election will be won in the Western Suburbs of Sydney, and its hard to believe that the Liberals are still finalising candidates with an election 5 weeks away.

Cutting it fine.

The Liberal Party pre-selections for Parramatta and Greenway were held on the weekend with 54 year old builder and family man Charles Camenzuli winning the three-way ballot.

Parramatta is currently held by Labor’s Julie Owens with a 9.3 per cent margin.

The Liberal Greenway candidate is Jayme Diaz who a lawyer and the son of Blacktown councillor Jess Diaz.

Greenway, which covers parts of Blacktown, is currently held by Liberal MP Louise Markus.

With the election only five weeks away these new candidates will be campaigning around the clock to build their profile locally.

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Caren Benson posts

I will vote for the liberal and I live in Seven Hills, surely their candidate will be better than Labor's who was not even voted in by the Labor members. Why Is everything the Labor party does filled with so much deceit? Lets get rid of this Labor government already. They are no good.

Anthony V posts

If you vote for ALP, you will in turn vote for the Greens. They will bring back the 40% Super Profits Tax on the miners, bring voter ago to 16(can you think of voting at 16years of age!), free uni(who's going to pay for this?), compensate the stolen generation, stonger FOI laws(how are we to get ANY information out of the Government). Every day we pay $100million, so every man, womman and child pays $5 per day, every day, to pay the debt back. I plead to vote to all voters, think before you put your next 3years down the drain. You will have a chance at Kenneally next March.

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